Single Premium Whole Life

Single Premium Whole Life


Single premium whole life insurance provides lifetime protection with only one, lump-sum premium payment. In addition, a single premium whole life policy provides tax-deferred cash value growth that can be used for expenses, or to increase a death benefit to your beneficiaries.


Single Premium Whole Life

Features of This Product Include:

  • Coverage for the entire life of the insured
  • Payment of a single, lump-sum premium
  • Coverage and cash value guarantee
  • Tax-deferred growth and accumulation
  • A tax-advantaged way to pass on wealth

Single premium whole life insurance is a predictable type of coverage; your death benefit is guaranteed and you only pay a single premium. There is considerable access to policy cash value, including favorable ways to withdraw part of the cash value or the ability to take a loan against the cash value. A single premium whole life policy grows cash value immediately and provides a tax-advantage strategy for transferring wealth to beneficiaries. The minimum premium amount is $5,000.

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